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The only requirements are that you like to share your thoughts on the different foods you eat. If you find a recipe you like, add it! If you found a restaurant that did a great or terrible job, this is one way to let people know. Registered users will receive the first invitations.

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Our goal is to share our gastronimic adventures and favorite recipes!

We love using sites like Yelp and UrbanSpoon to find new places to visit. You can track us or see recent posts that have caught our interest from them at the bottom of this page.



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We wander… we nibble… once in a while we like something so much we downright devour! We like to write and share some of the finer things in life… and warn folks about some of the not quite so fine things we happen to run across. Our numbers include history in the restaurant industry (both front and back of house), amateur home chefs, and diners of all ages. We have veterans and civilians…. ok, the civilians haven’t added any reviews yet, but if we encourage them enough they will eventually!

We are currently on the lookout for new voices and perspectives to add to the WN family. We are hoping to add a bunch from the Cedar Park VA MOVE groups, which is definitely going to be a blast! In our efforts to achieve a healthy weight, our dining habits have changed…. and we will be attempting to focus more on aspects that affect others who are wearing the same shoes in future reviews. We do not claim that the recipes shared on this website are our own. If the creator is known, they will be given credit… whether they are known or not, a link will be provided to the website the recipe was copied from. When the recipe is from a book or periodical publication, all efforts will be made to provide a link in addition to the credits posted with the recipe.

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