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Meal: Craft 2 Meal with a pulled pork burrito on a wheat tortilla and mexican gumbo with grilled chicken.

Although it wasn’t the first time I had ever been to a Qdoba Mexican Grill for a meal, this was my first time at the Cedar Park location… so I did my best to approach it as though I had never been there before. We walked in on an almost empty restaurant….too late for the lunch crowd and too early for the dinner rush. This Qdoba has their menu close to the front door, so Reeza and I stopped there so she could get her first look at the menu and I could try to figure out what I was going to have. We took so long… ok, make that I took so long to figure out what I wanted to order that one of the employees came out to the front of the restaurant to greet us and help out with any explanations he could offer. Pleasant, but not obtrusive… I really was taking a long time to get my head and my stomach to agree on anything.

Craft 2 Meal with a burrito and mexican gumbo

Craft 2 Meal with a burrito and mexican gumbo

When I finally made up my mind, we walked up to the counter. Now anyone who has ever been through a cafeteria line will know what to expect when they walk up to a Qdoba counter. It’s fast food…. Mexican grill style, but certainly NOT Taco Bell. Everything on the line looked fresh. Nothing looked dried out or old, which always makes me feel more comfortable in serving lines like this. The young lady behind the counter was friendly and helpful. She answered the few questions that we still had after the first young man had left us to make our decisions at the front, then quickly put together our meals. I feel compelled to note that their menu says the Craft 2 Meal burrito option is for a “Naked Burrito” (a burrito served in a bowl without a tortilla), but she was more than happy to roll one in a burrito for me. I’m really not very good at rolling burritos and don’t particularly care for having to do so at the table in a fast food restaurant (especially when my food is served to me in a basket). The young lady at the register seemed just a little bit confused, but I chalk that up to my own confusion more than any fault of hers. She did make sure to offer us a chance to join their rewards program, which both Reeza and I accepted.

The dining room was clean with a well-stocked drink and condiment area. As a slightly larger person, I appreciated there being plenty of space between the tables to pull out a chair and sit down. The music was a nice mix, although there were times I felt like we were sitting in the roller rink I went to in high school. (Which is not a bad thing! I still love that music!) The volume was a little bit loud for me, but we were able to hold a conversation without having to ask for repeats or yell over the music so we could be heard across the table. Speaking of the table…. one of my pet peeves about fast food restaurants is tables that are too small to hold trays in front of each seat. The tables at this Qdoba are just the right fit for the trays when diners are sitting across from one another.

I told the girls up at the counter that this wasn’t my first Qdoba visit, but that I wished it had been. I’m pretty sure that my initial opinion of this restaurant chain would have been a lot higher if I hadn’t decided to visit the one in Ahwatukee first!

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